Yufeng Liu


Pro. Yufeng Liu


Yufeng Liu刘玉峰, male, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of History and Culture, Shandong University. Professor Liu was born in XinTai, Shandong province in 1965. He received Bachelor degree at Shandong Normal University in 1989, master degree at Shaanxi Normal University in 1992 and doctor degree at Shandong University in 1999. He is outbound Postdoctoral at Capital Normal University (2001). He was selected for  " Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University(NCET)" by the Ministry of Education in 2009.

Professor Liu undertakes undergraduate courses including Ancient Chinese History (2) and Ancient Chinese Economic History, and postgraduate courses including The Economic History of Wei Jin Sui and Tang Dynasties and so on. His research direction is mainly in Sui and Tang economic history and also focus on chinese ancient economic history.  His published academic monographs include Critical Biography of Emperor Dezong (2002) and Manuscript on Industrial and Commercial Form in The Tang Dynasty(2002)revised edition, Research on Industrial and Commercial Form in The Tang Dynasty ,2012),and other writings include The Gain and Loss of Chinese Economic Policies of The Past Dynasties (2009) and Teaching and Research Draft of The Sui and Tang Dynasties (2013). Professor Liu emphasizes to reveal the form and characteristic of social economy comprehensively from the aspects of policy, system and structure. He pays attention to the theoretical analysis and understanding, forming an obvious research characteristic.




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