Fengshi Luan

Name: Luan Fengshi


Title: Professor

Date ofBirth: 1951.11

Native Place: Yantai, Shandong Province

Learning andWorkingExperience:

1978.9-1982.7, Archaeology, Department of History, Shandong University, Bachelor's Degree

1984.9-1987.6, Archaeology, Department of History, Shandong University, Master's Degree

1997.9-2000.6, Department of History, Shandong University, Ph.D.

1982.7-1992.8, Lecturer, Department of History, Shandong University

1992.9-1997.8, Associate Professor, ArchaeologyMajor, Department of History, Shandong University

1997.9-Now, Professor, ArchaeologyMajor, School of History and Culture, Shandong University

In 2001, the first key professors hired by Shandong University

In 2007, the first second-level professors in Shandong University

1994-2002, Director of Archaeological Teaching and Research Division, Department of History, Shandong University

2002-2012, Director of Oriental Archaeological Research Center, Shandong University

Main Courses:

1. Archaeological Theory (Ph.D.)

2. Archaeological Studies in the Neolithic Age (Ph.D., M.A.)

3. Research on the Origin of Chinese Civilization (M.A.)


Neolithic Archaeology in China

Archaeological History and Archaeological Theory



1.Luan Fengshi Archaeological Collection,4volumes.WenwuPress, 2017.

2.Liangchengzhen -1998-2001Excavation Report. WenwuPress, 2016 (co-authored).

3.Archaeological Research in Haidai Area.Shandong University Press, 1997.

4.Dongyi Archaeology.Shandong University Press, 1996.

5.Discussion on Prehistoric White Pottery in HaidaiRegion.Kaogu4, 2010.

6.Studyon Jade Wares of LongshanPeriodin Southern Shanxi. Wenwu3, 2010.

7.TheOrigin, Development and Formation of the Coffin System in Prehistory.Wenwu6, 2006.

8.Study onGuangfulin Culture.Papers CollectionofCommemoration ofXu Pingfang. Shanghai Ancient BooksPress, 2012

9.Reflections on Field Practice of Settlement Archaeology.Ancient Civilization - Commemoration of the 80th Birthday of YanWenming,Volume 9. WenwuPress, 2012.

10.Commentary on the Integrated Works of Chinese Neolithic Archaeology - Chinese Archaeology·Neolithic. Kaogu7, 2011.

11.Study onSocial Stratification in the Mid-Yangshao Period.Dongfangkaogu. KexuePress, Volume 9, 2012.

12.Research on Ceramic Forming Technology of Longshan CultureinHaidaiRegion.Conference proceedings of the International Conference on Prehistoric Wheel-Shaft Machinery in Heisha, Macao, edited by Deng Cong. Department of Culture and Sports, Administration of Civil Affairs, Macao, 2014.

13.The Society of Late Hongshan Culture in Niuheliang and Its Surrounding Areas.Conference proceedings of Academic SeminaronHongshan Culture. Liaoning People'sPress, 2013.

14. The Spread of Songze Culture to the North.Dongnanwenhua1, 2015.

15.Settlement Structure and Population of Longshan Culture in Southeast Shandong Coastal Area.Conference proceedings of Academic Seminar on Cities and Civilization. Shanghai Ancient Books Press, 2016.


1.Comprehensive Study of Dinggong Site (Major Project ofChineseNational Social Science Foundation)

2.Dissemination and diffusion of cultivated riceinNortheast Asia (Provincial Planning Office Project)

3.Research of Archaeological Excavation Data in the Three Gorges Region of Yangtze River (ChongqingCityProject)

4.Study on the Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of Cultural Heritage in the Three Gorges Region of Yangtze River (ChongqingCityProject)

Committee and Broad Memberships:

Deputy Director of the Neolithic Committee of the Chinese Archaeology;

President of Longshan Cultural Research Association;

Visiting Fellow and Expert Group Member of Ancient Civilization Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;

Adjunct Professor of Zhengzhou University;

Member of the Advisory Expert Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage on the Evaluation of the ProjectofExploration theOriginof Chinese Civilization;

Member of theAssessment Expert GrouponArchaeology of the National Social Science Foundation.


In 2018,"Liangchengzhen -1998-2001Excavation Report", won the first prize for outstanding achievements in Social SciencesinShandong Province;

In 2018, received special allowance from the State Council

In 2018, he was awarded the title of "Forty Years of Reform and Opening-up-Famous Social Scientist of Shandong Province"

In 2012, Prominent Teachers of Shandong University and "Prominent Teachers of Baogang Education Fund"

In 2005, the FirstProminent Teachers of Shandong University

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