Associate Professor
Zhongming Tang






Tang Zhongming(唐仲明), Male, Born in April 1974, Associate Professor.

Research Interest:

Buddhist Archaeology, Archaeology from Han to Tang dynasty, Digital Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Protection.

Education and Employment History:

Sept. 1997-July 2000, Master of Archaeology, Shandong University

Sept. 2000-July 2004, Ph. D of Archaeology, Beijing University

July 2004-May 2008, editor of Tomorrow Publishing House.

May 2008-Nov. 2011, staff of the Cultural Office of Shandong Province.

Since Nov. 2011, lecturer of the School of History and Culture, Shandong University.

July 2014-July 2015, visiting scholar in Art and Architecture History Department, Harvard University.

Principal Publications


One Hundred Questions about Archaeology (美术考古一百问). Chengdu: Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House, 2004. Coauthored work.


Articles in Journals and Collected Volumes:

“A Virtual 3-D Restoration of ‘Xiangtang’ Buddha Statues Collected in The Foreign Museums —— A Case Study of Cave 2 at The Southern Xiangtang Grottoes”, Palace Museum Journal, 2018, no. 4.

“The Study about the Stupa in the Northern Dynasty in the Central Plains”, Archaeology, 2016, no. 11.

“On the Emergence of the Style of the Xiangtangshan Grottoes and the Features of the Caves”, Dunhuang Research, 2015, no. 5.

“Northern and Eastern Wei Xiangtangshan and Qingzhou Sculptures: A Comparative Study,” Huaxia Archaeology, 2013, no. 4.

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