Guiyun Jin


Professor of Archaeology

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University


Research summary

  • Subsistence, environment and prehistoric societies

  • The role of plants in past human societies

  • Early farming in northern China

  • Social complexity: the perspective of agriculture and environment


Current research projects

  • Early farming in the Haidai Region

  • Prehistoric subsistence strategies in northwest China

  • Human-land interaction of Lubei Longshan Culture based on agriculture and environment research

Education background

Institute of Geo and Geophysics, CAS, Beijing

PhD Quaternary Geology/1999

School of History and Culture, Shandong University

MA Archaeology/1989

School of History and Culture, Shandong University

BA Archaeology/1986


Selected Publications

JIN, G.Y., WAGNER, M., PARASOV E.P., WANG, F. and LIU, Y.C. 2016.Archaeobotanical records of Middleand Late Neolithic agriculture fromShandong Province,East China.TheHolocene26 (10):1-11


JIN, G.Y.2013 Study on the diet structure of the Longshan Period.Journal of Literature, History and Phylosophy(in Chinese with English abstract) (2): 116-128.

JIN, G.Y.,YAN, S.D.,UDATSU,T. LAN, Y.F.,WANG, C.Y.,TONG, P.H.,2007. Neolithic rice paddy from the Zhaojiazhuang site, Shandong, China,Chinese Science Bulletin52(24): 3376-3384.

靳桂云,于海广,栾丰实,王春燕等,2006. 山东日照两城镇龙山文化(4600-4000cal yr BP)遗址出土木材的古气候意义,第四纪研究 26(4):571-579。

JIN, G.Y., YU, H.G., LUAN, F.S., WANG, C.Y., 2006. Wood remains unearthed from the Liangchengzhen site (4600-4000cal yr BP)and its climate significance,Quaternary Sciences(in Chinese with English abstract)26 (4): 571-579.

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