Xuexiang Chen

Dr.Xuexiang Chen(陈雪香)

Xuexiang Chenis aprofessor of Institute for Cultural HeritageatShandongUniversity, China.She started to teach at SDU since 2007 when she got her Ph.d in Shandong University.Her research area includesarchaeobotany and Chinese Bronze Age archaeology. Her current projects focus on origin and early spread of ancient agriculture and related settlements patterns of Bronze Age in Shandong area, incomparisonwith that of southern China during similar period. The research grants include ChineseNational Social Science Fund, Funding fromChinese State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Funding forHumanities and Social SciencesofChineseEducation Ministry,andHenry-Luce Foundation.



Recent Publications:

2019 Gong Wei, Fang Hui, Guo Junfeng,Chen Xuexiang. The impact of climate change on rice agriculture during the end of the Shang period: Results of the plant remains from Daxinzhuang and Liujiazhuang sites, Jinan, Shandong Province.Quaternary Sciences (Di si ji yan jiu), 39(1): 170-182.

2019 Shi-Yong Yu,Xue-Xiang Chen, Hui Fang. Inferring inequality in prehistoric societies from grave sizes: a methodological framework.Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, DOI: 10.1007/s12520-019-00845-0.

2018Chen X X, Yu S Y, Underhill A P, et al. Radiocarbon dating and stable carbon isotopic analyses of Neolithic and Bronze Age staple crops in the lower Yellow River area and their paleodietary implications.Geoarchaeology, 33(3):307-313.

2018Shiyong Yu,Xuexiang Chen, Xiuling Liu, Zhen Fang, Junfeng Guo, Senyang Zhan, Hui Fang, Fahu Chen. Ancient water wells reveal a prolonged drought in the lower Yellow River area about 2800 years ago.Science Bulletin, 63 (20): 1324-1327.

2018Xuexiang Chen, Fangqing Ma, Longguo Xu, et al. Plant Remains from the LocalityⅠof Area B at Kanjiazhai Site,Linzi City Site of the Qi State, Shandong Province.Agricultural History of China(Zhongguo Nongshi)2.

2017Zong Y, Yao S, Crawford GW, Fang H, Lang J, Fan J, Sun Z, Liu Y, Zhang J, Duan X, Zhou G, Xiao T, Luan F, Wang Q,Chen X, Jiang H. Selection for Oil Content During Soybean Domestication Revealed by X-Ray Tomography of Ancient Beans.Scientific Reports, 7:43595.

2017Zong Y, Yao S, Lang J,Chen X, et al. Structural and compositional analysis of a casting mold sherd from ancient China.PLoS ONE, 12(3): e0174057.

2017 Yu S Y,Chen X X, Cheng P, et al. Freshwater radiocarbon reservoir age in the lower Yellow River floodplain during the late Holocene.The Holocene, 095968361771569.

2016Crawford, G. W.,Chen, X., Luan, F, & Wang, J. People and plant interaction at the houli culture yuezhuang site in shandong province, china.The Holocene, 0959683616650269.

2016 Cai, S., Tauxe, L., Deng, C., Qin, H., Pan, Y., Jin, G., &Chen al. New archaeomagnetic direction results from china and their constraints on paleosecular variation of the geomagnetic field in eastern Asia.Geophysical Journal International, 207(2): ggw351.

2016Xuexiang Chen.An Archaeological Perspective on Scale of Wheat Cultivation during the Chinese Early Bronze Age.Agricultural History of China(Zhongguo Nongshi)3.

2015Xuexiang Chen, Guangming Zhou, Wei Gong. Plant remains from the Niucheng site (2006-2008), Xingan, Jiangxi province.Jianghan Archaeology (Jianghan Kaogu)3.

2015 Alice Yao, Zhilong Jiang,Xuexiang Chen, et al. Bronze Age wetland/scapes: Complex political formations in the humid subtropics of southwest China, 900–100 BC.Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 40: 213-229.

2014 Shiyong Yu, Chunhai Li,Xuexiang Chen, Guiyun Jin, Hui Fang. Rates of Organic Carbon Burial in a Floodplain Lake of the Lower Yellow River Area during the Late Holocene,Radiocarbon,56 (3): 1–10, DOI: 10.2458/56.17923.

2014Xuexiang Chen, Hui Fang. Wang Xiantang and the excavation history of Anshang site, Tengxian county, Shandong, China.Journal of Shandong University(Philosophy and Social Sciences)5.

2014Xuexiang Chen. Survey of the archaeological sites in Chengwu county, Shandong Province, China.Huaxia Archaeology (Huaxia Kaogu)3.

2013 Gary Crawford,Xuexiang Chen, Fengshi Luan, Jianhua Wang.Plant Remains from the Yuezhuang Site of Changqing, Shandong Province.Jianghan Kaogu (Jiang Han Archaeology)2: 107-116.

2012Xuexiang Chen.Preliminary Research on Agriculture of the Yueshi Culture.Dongfang Kaogu(Archaeology of East Asia)Vol.9, edited by Research Center of East Asia Archaeology at Shandong University, pp. 595-608, Science Press, Beijing.

2011 Lee G-A, Crawford GW, Liu L, Sasaki Y,Chen X.Archaeological Soybean (Glycine max) in East Asia: Does Size Matter?PLoS ONE6(11): e26720. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026720.

2010Xuexiang Chen, Hui Fang, Benheng Shi.Excavation of Shang Burial 139 from the Daxinzhuang Site, Jinan, Shandong.Kaogu (Archaeology)10: 3-6.

2010Xuexiang Chen, Liangzhi Wang, Qing Wang.Plant Remains of the Xijincheng Site (2006-2007), Boai County, Henan Province.Huaxia Kaogu (Hua Xia Archaeology) 3:67-76.

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