Associate Professor
Hua Wang

Hua Wang(王华)

Associate Professor of Zooarchaeology

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University

Research summary

  • The role of animals in past human societies

  • Pig domestication and husbandry

  • Interactions between human and animals in complex societies

  • Fauna and its environmental and human behavioral implications in the Paleolithic


Current research projects

  • Fossil reseach of the Xuchang hominid site

  • Subsistence strategies and biotic exchange in northwest China

  • Research of Bone tool production at the Shimao site

Education background

Institute of Archaeology, University college London

PhD Archaeology/2011

School of History and Culture, Shandong University

MA Archaeology/2006

School of History and Culture, Shandong University

BA Archaeology/2003


Selected Publications

Pig Domestication and Husbandry Practices of the Yangshao Period in the Wei River Valley: with Evidence from Linear Enamel Hypoplasia from Neolithic sites in Shaanxi Province, China.Journal of Archaeological Science,2012 (39).

《渭水流域新石器时代家猪的驯化与饲养策略》(Pig domestication and husbandry strategies of the Neolithic in the Wei River Valley),《考古》(Kao gu)2013年第9期.

《仰韶时代人类狩猎梅花鹿的策略:以铜川瓦窑沟遗址为案例》(Sika deer hunting strategies of the Yangshao Period: Evidence from the Wayaogou site, Shanxi Province),《人类学学报》(Acta Anthropologica Sinica)2014年第1期.

Morphometric analysis of Sus remains from Neolithic sites in the Wei River valley, China, with implications for domestication.International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 2015,Volume 25,Issue 6.

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