Associate Professor
Shuqiang Xu

Full name: Shuqiang Xu

Gender: Male

Date of birth: December 1988

Native place: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Title: Associate research fellow

Selected into the future plan of young scholars of Shandong University in 2021.

Learning and work experience:

2008-2012, Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

2012-2015, Master of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

2015-2020, Doctor of History of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology.

2020-, Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University, Teacher.

Primary Course:

Analysis and Detection Technology of Cultural Relics, Introduction to the Protection of Earthen Sites

Recent research direction:

Research on the materials and technologies for the restoration and protection of rock and soil cultural relics, Scientific and technological analysis of cultural relics

Presiding over scientific research projects:

Shandong Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund Project, Restoration of undercutting and cracking disease for rammed earth in M2 Han tomb in Dingtao, Shandong Province via designing plaster and grouting materials, 2022-2024, project host

Main representative works:

Shuqiang Xu, Julin Wang, Qinglin Ma, Xin Zhao, Tao Zhang. Study on the lightweight hydraulic mortars designed by the use of diatomite as partial replacement of natural hydraulic lime and masonry waste as aggregate [J]. Construction and Building Materials, 2014, 162: 181-191.

Shuqiang Xu, Julin Wang, Yanzhong Sun. Effect of water binder ratio on the early hydration of natural hydraulic lime [J]. Materials and Structures, 2015, 48: 3431-3441.

Shuqiang Xu, Julin Wang, Qi Jiang, Sheng Zhang. Study of natural hydraulic lime-based mortars prepared with masonry waste powder as aggregate and diatomite/fly ash as mineral admixtures [J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016, 119: 118-127.

Shuqiang Xu, Lele Wang, Qinglin Ma, Julin Wang. Hydration reaction of natural hydraulic lime under different carbonization conditions [J]. Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology, 2017, 29(4): 1-8.

Shuqiang Xu, Julin Wang, Qinglin Ma, Lele Wang. Grouting performance improvement for natural hydraulic lime-based grout via incorporating silica fume and silicon-acrylic latex [J]. Construction and building materials, 20148, 186: 652-659.

Haiping He, Shuqiang Xu, Julin Wang. Spot inspection and evaluation of the disease of the stele made by the emperor Qianlong [J]. Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology, 2018, 30(4): 61-70.

Shuqiang Xu, Qinglin, Ma, Julin Wang. Combined effect of isobutyltriethoxysilane and silica fume on the performance of natural hydraulic lime-based mortars [J]. Construction and building materials, 2018, 162: 181-191.

Qinglin Ma, Shuqiang Xu, Julin Wang, Jingyan Yan. Integrated analysis of a black-glazed porcelain bowl in Tushan Kiln dated back to Song Dynasty, China [J]. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2020, 242.

Shuqiang Xu, Qinglin Ma, Shuang Xu. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of the compatibility of restoration materials — Case study in the rammed earth restoration of the M2 Han tomb in Dingtao, Shandong Province [J]. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2022, 57: 131-141.

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