Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Jun Gao

Name: Jun Gao

Title: Assistant researcher

Gender: Male

Birth date: June 1992

Birth place: Huainan, Anhui

Education and Work Experience

2011.09-2015.06, School of History and Cultural, Shandong University

2014.08-2015.02, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University

2016.09-2022.06, Department of Technology History & Technology Archaeology, University of Science and Technology of China

2022.08- Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University

Research Interests

Archaeometallurgy; Provenance study of metal objects; Corrosion mechanism of metal objects; Eurasian steppe Bronze Age

Journal Articles

Gao J, Jin Z, Wang B, et al. A provenience study of Bronze Age metal objects from the Hami Basin, Xinjiang, China[J]. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2021, 39: 103175.

Gao J, Fan A, Li G, Wang X. An electrolytic deposition device for lead in ancient copper alloys [P]. AnhuiCN215103608U,2021-12-10.

Wang, X., Zhang, X., Fan, A., Sampson, A., Wu, X., Gao, J., ... & Jin, Z. (2019). Strontium isotopic evidence for the provenance of occupants and subsistence of Sarakenos Cave in prehistoric Greece. Quaternary International, 508, 13-22.

Contact Info.

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University

72 Binhai Road, Qingdao, P.R.China 266237

E-mail: gaojunsdu@sdu.edu.cn

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