Associate Professor
Guang Yang

Dr.Guang Yang

Associate Professor

Male, November 1974

Education and Work Experience

Ph.D. World History, Peking University

M.A. History, Shandong University

B.A. History, Shandong University

Visiting scholar,Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service,Georgetown University, USA (August 2006-August 2007)

Senior visiting scholar, Bath University, UK (November, 2007)


International Organization; Modern World History; History of International Relations; Japan’s International Strategy and Diplomacy; East Asian International Relations

Research Interests

U.S.-Japan Relations; East Asian International Politics and Security; History of International Relations

Journal Articles

“The ‘Indo-Pacific’ Orientation of the U.S.-Japan Alliance and It’s Influence on East Asia”,Issues of Contemporary World Socialism(Jinan), No.1 (2019):152-167.

“East Asian Community and East Asian Free Trade Area: Conception and Practice of Japan’s East Asian Cooperation”,Shandong Social Sciences(Jinan), No.3 (2012): 95-99.

Gao Di, Yang Guang, “The Korean Nuclear Issue and U.S.-ROK Relations since George. W. Bush Administration”,DongYue Tribune(Jinan), No.2 (2010):159-163.

“The Strengthening of U.S.-Japan Alliance and Its Impact on the East Asia Regional Politics since the End of Cold War”,Issues of Contemporary World Socialism(Jinan), No.1 (2010): 92-98.

“Northeast Asia International System in Perspective of Multi-dimension and Its Strong Construction”,Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Sciences)(Wuhan), No.3 (2006): 425-430.

Yang Guang, Zhang Yanxia, “The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Multipolar International System”, in Luhui Yang and Fan Aijun ed.,Studies of Asia-Pacific, vol.4, (Jinan): Shandong University Press, 2006.

“The Northeast Asia Security in the Perspective of Security Complex Theory”, in Luhui Yang and Linjie Niu ed.,Studies of Asia-Pacific, vol.3, (Jinan): Shandong University Press, 2005.

“Early Nazi Propaganda: A Mass Psychology Analysis”,Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy and Social Sciences)(Jinan), No.2 (2004):147-154.

“Estrangement, Confrontation and Compromise: the U.S.-Japan relations from 1895-1922”,Journal of Xinxiang Teaching College(Xinxiang), No.1 (2004): 18-23.

“Ocean Asia Pacific Concept and the Ocean Development Dimension of China”,Journal of Jinan University(Jinan), No.6 (2003): 55-59.

“The Evolution of Modern Japanese Concept of East Asian International System Prior to Jia-Wu War”,Journal of Jinan University(Jinan), No.1 (1999): 55-59.

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Yang Luhui, Yang Guang,Contemporary East Asian Politics, Shandong University Press, 2010.

Yang Guang,The U.S.-Japan Relations in the Perspective of East Asia International Order(Hong Kong: Hong Kong Press for Social Sciences LTD., 2003).

Oliver Zimmer,Nationalism in Europe, 1890-1940, Peking University Press, 2013.(Translation)

Contact Info

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, P.R.China 250100


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