Chunmei Qu

Chunmei Qu(曲春梅)


Name:Chunmei Qu

Title:Professor, Postgraduate Supervisor

Education and Work Experience

She is PhD in History and Professor of Archival Science and history at Shandong University, School of History and Culture, where she is the Dean of Archive Studies Department. She was a visiting scholar at UC Irvine (2011-2012) and now is visiting Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (2018-2019). She is a fellow of AcademicCommittee on Archival Fundamental Theory of the Society of Chinese Archivesand a member of International Intellectual History of Archival Studies (IIHAS) Research Network.


She teachesIntroduction to Management, Professional English in Archival Study, and Archives Management in Foreign Countriesfor undergraduate students, and teachesArchival Theory and History, Comparative Study on the Development of Archival Science in China and Other Countries and Professional English in Archival studyfor postgraduate students.

Research Interests

Her research interest lies in archival theory and history, archives and society, and archival culture.

Research Projects

Research on archival thinking of Europe and America since the 20th century, the project of the National Social Science Foundation of China (18BTQ091), 2018-2021, the director

Research on system of archival resources based on historical research requirements, theScience and Technology Projectof the State Archives Administration of China (2018-R-011), 2018-2019, the co-director

Construction and implementation of quality control oriented standardized management system of teaching archives, the major project of Education and Teaching Innovation of Shandong University, 2017-2018, the director

Research on innovation education of archival professionals based 2+1 training mode, the major project of Teaching Innovation of Colleges and Universities of Shandong Province, 2016-2019, the director

Research on construction of rural community archival resource system from the perspective of rural memory, the project of Youth Team of Humanities and Social Sciences of Shandong University, 2015-2017, the director

Journal Articles:

Job burnout and behavior changes: Hugh Taylor’s thinking on archival profession. Archives Science Study, 2019, first author.

The archival thinking of Hugh Taylor: a perspective of memory. Archives Science Bulletin, 2018, first author.

Research overview on archive and memory in recent years. Archives Science Study, 2017, first author.

Archiving experience and enlightenment of government social media records in America, UK and Australia. Beijing Archives, 2017, corresponding author.

Pluralism coexistence: research overview on archival paradigm.Shanxi Archives,2017,corresponding author.

Deconstruction and reestablishment: reflection on the public trust of archival profession in the post-modernism context. Archives Science Bulletin, 2016, sole author.

Review on Richard Cox’s archival thinking. Archives Science Bulletin, 2015, sole author.

Application of social media strategy in archival practice. Shandong Archives, 2015, corresponding author.

Study on the development and operating strategy of archival “micro-platform”. Shandong Archives, 2016, corresponding author.

Analysis on the formation and characteristics of national corporate archives strategy in UK. Archives Science Bulletin, 2014, sole author.

History, memory, accountability: corporate archives under the perspective of society. Archives Science Bulletin, 2013, sole author.

Study on the personal credit archives based on records continuum model. Shandong Archives, 2013, corresponding author.


●Selected Archival Materials of Qingdao Chamber of Commerce: Social Affairs,Qingdao: Qingdao Press, 2018, Associate Editor.

Chinese Businessman Tao Zhugong, Jinan: Shandong University Press, 2013, co-author.

Honors and Awards

●First prize of “Excellent Achievement in Archival Science of Shandong Province” in 2017-2018

●Second prized of “Teaching Achievement of Shandong University” in 2017

●Award of “Outstanding Teacher of Extracurricular Innovative Science and Technology Exhibition of Undergraduates in Archival Studies”in 2016

●Award of “Outstanding Teacher of Directing Students’ Social Practices of Shandong University” in 2015

●Award of “Outstanding Class Teacher of Shandong University” in 2015

●First prize of “Excellent Achievement in Archival Science of Shandong Province” in 2013-2014

Academic Title

Fellow,AcademicCommittee on Archival Fundamental Theory of the Society of Chinese Archives

Member, International Intellectual History of Archival Studies (IIHAS) Research Network

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