Mu Bi


Mu Bi


Title:AssociateProfessor, Postgraduate Supervisor


Education and Work Experience

·1996, B.A, Shandong University, China

·1999, M.A, Shandong University, China

·2012, PhD, Shandong University, China

·Since 1999, Department of Archival Science, School of History and Culture, Shandong University, China

·2018, Visiting Scholar at University of Adelaide, Australia


·Forundergraduate students

Electronic Records Management

Practical Technology of Computer

Practical Technology of Network

·Forpostgraduate students

Study onElectronic Records Management

Study on Technology of Computer and Network in Records Management

Research Interests

·Management and Development of Archival Information Resources

·Electronic Records Management,

·Study on Archives and Local History

Journal Articles

● Brief discussion on computer teaching of archives major in universities,Archives Science Study, no 1, 2004, sole author.

Research on wage income, influencing factors and consumption of urban workers in Shandong during the republic of China, Theory Journal, no 7, 2012, sole author

Vocational education of the lower class in Qingdao before the Anti-Japanese War, Dongyue Tribune, no 6, 2015, sole author

The 22nd international historical science conference Qingdao satellite conference was successfully held, History Review, no 5, 2015, first author

A comparative study on the document post system between Qin and Han dynasties and the Roman empire, Forum on Chinese Culture, no 5, 2014, second author

Research Projects

·Research on modernization road in liberated area of Shandong province,the project of the Social Science Foundation of Shandong province, 2014, the director

·Research on archival thinking of Europe and America since the 20th century, the project of the National Social Science Foundation of China, 2018, the co-director

·Research on archivists of the republic of China and their academic thinking, the project of the National Social Science Foundation of China, 2017, the co-director


·Learning from honest and upright officials, commandments of corrupt officials, Fangzheng Press, 2008, Associate Editor

·New introduction to archives management, China literature and history Press, 2011, co-author

·Archive management course, Central party literature Press, 2006, co-author

·Qilu characteristic culture series·people volume, Shandong Friendship Press, 2004, co-author

Honors and Awards

·Second prize of “Teaching Achievement of Shandong University” in 2008, 2013 and 2017

·Seventh“Young Teaching Expert of Shandong University”in 2014

·Second prize in “the 2013-2014 School Year Young Teachers Classroom Teaching Competition of Shandong University”in2014

·Advanced Individual of Union Work in Shandong Universityin 2016-2018

·Second prize of“Excellent Academic Paper Achievements of Professor Han lianqi Foundation”in2004

·Excellent Communist Party Member of Universities in Shandong Provincein 2003

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