Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Jian Chen


Jian Chen

Name:Jian Chen(陈建)

Title:Assistant Professor


Birth date:January 1987

Birth place:Weifang City,Shandong Province

Education and Work Experience

  • September,2005-August,2012

    BA. &MA.,School of History and Culture, Shandong University,Archival Science

  • September,2012-June,2015

    Ph.D.,School of Information Resource Management,Renmin University of China,Archival Science

  • July,2015-Now

    Assistant professor in the Archival Studies Department of Shandong University

  • September,2015-December,2018

    Postdoctor in history at Shandong University

  • February,2019-February,2020

    Visiting scholar at Monash university, Australia


  • Introduction to Archival Science

  • Specialized Archives Management

  • Scientific and Technical Archives Management

  • Frontier Lectures on Archival Science

    Research Interests

  • Social Participation in Archives;

  • Archives Crowdsourcing;

  • Rural Archives Culture Construction;

  • Specialized Archives Management;

  • Corporate Archives Management

    Research Projects

    1.Leader researcher, Project subsidized by the National Society and Science Fund of China(18CTQ039,2018-2021):Research on Crowdsourcing Model of Historical Archives Development and Utilization Based on Process Management.

    2. Leader researcher, Project subsidized by Shandong University in 2017(2017-2019):Historical

    Investigation and Experience Research on the Participation of Social Forces in Archival Undertaking in China.

    3.Leader researcher, Project subsidized by Shandong Archives Bureau(2016-2017):Research on the Public Participation Mechanism in Archives Resources Construction and Service of Public Archives.

    4.Leader researcher, Project subsidized by Society and Science Fund of Shandong Province(18DSJJ03,2018-2021):Research on the Theory and Practice of Rural Archives Culture Construction in Shandong.

    5.Leader researcher, Project subsidized by Renmin University of China(13XNH219,2012-2013):Research on Archiving Work of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    Journal Articles

    1.Jian Chen(2017).Strategies for Constructing an Orderly Public Participation Mechanism of Government Archives Websites: Based on the Investigation and Analysis of Domestic Provincial Archives Websites, Archives Science Bulletin, NO.1, pp. 59-63.

    2.Jian Chen(2016).Research on the Degree of the Public Involvement of the General Archives based on the Effective Decision-making Model of Public Participation, Archives Science Bulletin, NO.6, pp. 25-29.

    3.Jian Chen(2018).Research on the Cooperative Governance Mode of General Archives Based on Discretion Sharing, Archives Science Study(Journal of the Society of Chinese Archives) , NO.2, pp. 33-37.

    4.Jian Chen(2017).Research on the Social Cooperation Level of the General Archives Based on the Theory of Discretion Distribution, Archives Science Bulletin, NO.5, pp. 1-4.

    5.Jian Chen,Li Zhao(2017).Research on the Role and Path of Community Archives to Participate in the Construction of Social Memory,Archives Management, NO.1, pp. 15-17.

    6.Jian Chen(2016).Review and Reflection on Archival Work Process from the Perspective of Power Construction,Archives Science Bulletin, NO.4, pp. 7-11.

    7.Jian Chen(2017). Archives Management and the Rise and Fall of the Family——a Discussion ona Dream in Red Mansionsfrom the Perspective of Archival Science,Archives Management, NO.4, pp. 40-43.

    8.Jian Chen,Ning Gao(2013).Retrospect and Prospect of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage Archiving Protection Research,Archives Science Study(Journal of the Society of Chinese Archives) , NO.5, pp. 4-7.

    9.Yunqing Wang,Jian Chen(2012).Research on the Archives Exhibition of the Intangible Cultural Heritage,Archives Science Bulletin, NO.4, pp. 14-18.

    10.Yunqing Wang,Jian Chen(2011).Protecting the Intangible Cultural Heritage: Guard Against the Marginalization of the Archives Institutions,Archives Science Bulletin, NO.1, pp. 21-24.

    Honors and Awards

  • First Prize for Excellent Achievements in Archival Scienceof Shandong Province in 2017-2018 (2018.8)

  • Second Prize for Excellent Achievements in Archival Scienceof Shandong Province in 2017-2018 (2018.8)

  • Second Prize for School-level Teaching Achievements of Shandong University in 2017 (No. 5) (2017.12)

  • Third Prize for Excellent Papers of the Fourth Doctoral Forum of Archival Sciencein China (2017.10)

  • First Prize for Excellent Achievements in Archival Scienceof Shandong Province in 2016-2017(2017.8)

  • Third Prize of the Young Teachers'Teaching Competition of Shandong University in2016-2017 (2017.6)

  • Second Prize for Excellent Scientific Research Achievements in the Protection ofIntangibleCulturalHeritage in Shandong Province (2013.5)

    Contact Info.

    School of History and Culture

    Shandong University

    27 South Shanda Road, Jinan,P.R.China 250100