Associate Professor
Ying Han


Ying Han(韩英)

Title:Associate Professor

Gender: Female

Birth date: Janurary 1961

Birth place:Yingkou,Liaoning, China

Education Experience

Bachelor ofHistory, School of History and Culture, Shandong University,1980-1984

Courses of Teaching

Introduction to CulturalIndustry Management

Culture andEtiquette

Instrument science

Research Interests

CulturalIndustry Management

Edited Books

Editor in chief:Interpretation of cultural industry casesShandong university pressIn 2016,

Editor in chief:Introduction to cultural industry,Cultural investmentAnd other institutions of higher learning cultural industry series of 20 textbooks,Fujian people's publishing houseIn2015

Editor in chief:Academic yearbook of Chinese cultural industry(1979-2008),Culture and art publishing houseIn2010

Journal Articles

Trade deficit, regional imbalance and cultural security -- an analysis of China's book copyright trade since China's entry intoWTO,DongyueTribune,2012-9

From the unearthed materials, we can see the changes of household registration files between han and tang dynastiesArchival newsletter,2012-6

Development of archive resources of intangible heritage,Archival newsletter,2011-5

The splendid movement ofShandong's cultural industry,Guangming daily(An interview with reporters),2010-9-12

Expand and strengthen excellent cultural brands,The public daily,2011-10-24

From juyan Jane to see the han dynasty shangji archives,Archival newsletter,2010-6

Characteristics and consumer group comparison between traditional luxury and new luxury,Young journalists,2010-9

The status and development path of China's book copyright trade since China joined WTO, China cultural industry review,2011-1

Honors and Awards

Title of "my favorite teacher" ofShandong university

Academic yearbook of Chinese cultural industrywon the third prize of outstanding achievements in humanities and social sciences of the ministry of education

Trade deficit, regional imbalance and cultural security -- an analysis of China's book copyright trade since China's entry intoWTOwon the third prize of social science research achievements ofShandong provincial education department in 2013

Main course "clerical" won "excellent quality course" ofShandong university

Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, P.R.China,250100

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