Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Dawei Li

Dawei Li(李大伟), PhD, Lecturer

Department of Cultural Industry Management, School of History and Culture, Shandong University.

Her main research interests are Cultural Industry Management, Intellectual Property Protection in Cultural industry and Overseas Cultural Industry.

Her research was partially supported by numerous funds, such as the Social Science Planning Project of Shandong Province under "National Cultures along the Belt and Road", the Independent Innovation Project of Shandong University under "Intellectual Property Protection in the Cyber Environment", and the Youth Team Project of Shandong University "Contemporary Chinese Creative Design Research with Regional Cultural Elements", etc.

She has been the editor-in-chief of a book series named "World Music Tour", the author or editorial board member of popular textbooks, e.g., "Introduction to Overseas Cultural Industry", "Cultural Industry Intellectual Property", "Cultural Consumption Psychology" and "Cultural Industry Literature".

She has published more than ten journal papers in cultural industry management and related fields.

She was awarded the "Outstanding Teacher of Classroom Teaching Quality" and the Second Prize of "Teaching Achievement" by Shandong University.

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