Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Xiaoqing Fu


Xiaoqing Fu(付晓青)



Birth date:March 1981

Birth place: Linzi Shandong

Education and Work Experience

Colleges/Universities Attended

Principal Field

Degree/Year Awarded

ChineseLiterature School/SDU

Chinese Language and Literature


ChineseLiterature School/SDU

Literary Theory


ChineseLiterature School/SDU

Chinese Ancient Literary Theory


History and Culture School/SDU

Culture Resource and Culture Industry



  1. Introduction of Cultural Industry

  2. Research on New Type of Cultural Industry

  3. The History and Spirit of the Chinese Nation

Research Interests

Culture Resource and Culture Industry

Wine Culture in Chinese History

Research Projects

1. Study of wine culture in the Tang Dynasty, 2018-

2. Research on the new format of cultural industry under the background of mobile internet, Shandong University Independent Innovation Fund Project , 2010-2012.

3. The historical changes and realistic significance of Jinan Min ziqian xiao culture, Jinan Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project, 2014-2015.

4. Feng Shui stories and traditions of celebrities' former residences, cooperation projects, 2009-2010.

Books andJournal Articles

1. Fuxiaoqing,Hanying. Introduction to Cultural Industry,Fujian People Press,2012.

2. Fuxiaoqing,Research on new type of Cultural Industry,Fujian People Press, 2015.

3. Fu Xiaoqing .Talking about the wine culture of the Tang Dynasty Silk Road, The Second International Young Scholars Union Marine Silk Road Culture Forum, May , 2016.

4. Fu Xiaoqing. Scholars and Wine in Tang Dynasty, Grape and wine Chinese and Foreign Countries,2016-08-09.

5. Sogdian girls wait Friends to taste nice wine,HumanityWorld,2016(3).

Honors and Awards

1.Third Prize of Young Teachers' Lecture Competition

2.Second prize for teaching achievements

Academic Title

Editorof Mathematics Culture

Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan,P.R.China 250100



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