Post-doctoral Fellow
Xiaotong Wu

Xiaotong Wu

Xiaotong Wu(吴晓桐)  

Title:Post-doctoral Fellow


Birth date:August 1990

Birth place:Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Education and Work Experience

Post-doctoral Fellow: Shandong University- Department of Archaeology 2018-Present

Ph.D.: University of Science and Technology of China-Department for the History of Science and Scientific Archaeology 2018

B.A.: Shandong University-Department of Archaeology 2014

Research Interests

I’m interested in culture spread, human migration and materials mobility of Chinese Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Journal Articles

1.Xiaotong Wu, Xingxiang Zhang, Zhengyao Jin, Yanbo Song, Fengshi Luan, Xinming Xue, 2019. Strontium Isotope Analysis of Yangtze Alligator Remains from Late Neolithic North China, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 11: 1049-1058.

2.Xiaotong Wu, Xingxiang Zhang, Yanbo Song, Zhengyao Jin, Fengshi Luan, Fang Huang, 2018. Analyzing aquatic animal resources catchment of Dinggong site through strontium isotope approach, Archaeology, 1: 111-118. (In Chinese with English abstract)

3. Xingxiang Zhang, Xiaoran Wang,Xiaotong Wu*, Zhengyao Jin, Herong Zhang, Fang Huang, 2018. Investigating human migration and horse-trading of Yelang (夜郎) through strontium isotope analysis of skeletons from Zhougshui sites, Southwest China (1300BC~AD25). Archaeometry, 60(1): 157-170.

4. Xingxiang Zhang, Yong Li,Xiaotong Wu*, Yanbo Song, Fengshi Luan, Xinming Xue, Zhengyao Jin, 2019. Multi-isotopw analysis on Chinese Alligator remains from Yellow River Valley during the Longshan Period. Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 38(e): 313-324. (In Chinese with English abstract)

5.Xiaotong Wu, Xiaoyan Rao, Yanbo Song, 2014. Bone implements manufactures under the interaction of environment and society in the Neolithic Age. Zooarchaeology (Volume 2). Beijing: Cultural Relics Press. pp 84-94. (In Chinese with English abstract)

6.Xiaotong Wu, 2016. Excavation experience of Sarakenos Cave, Greece. Popular Archaeology, 1: 84-90. (In Chinese)

7.Xiaotong Wu, 2017. Discussion on bronze Bu of Shang Dynasty. Indentification and Appreciation of Cultural Relics, 2: 81-83. (In Chinese)

8. Jiangbo Ma,Xiaotong Wu*, 2017. Metal technology and related issues of bronze scrapers of Yue people at Zhou Dynasty unearthed in Hunan Province. Nonferrous Metals (Extractice Metallurgy), 7: 72-76. (In Chinese with English abstract)

9. Jiangbo Ma,Xiaotong Wu, Zhengyao Jin, Jianhuan Tian, Taochu Xiang, 2018. Analysis of bronze vessels and slag excavated at Shang Dynasty site in Yueyang. Jianghan Archaeology, 3: 110-116. (In Chinese with English abstract)

10. Jiangbo Ma,Xiaotong Wu, Zhengyao Jin, Jianhuan Tian, Xianzhu Wu, 2018. A preliminary study on a large bronzeBuexcavated from Ningxiang, Hunan and discussion on the age and origin of bronzeBuwith round shoulder. Sichuan Relics, 6: 27-34. (In Chinese)

11. Jiangbo Ma,Xiaotong Wu, 2019.Scientific analysis of Shang Dynasty bronze horned artifact unearthed in Yiyang, Hunan Province and discussion on related Issues.Nonferrous Metals (Extractice Metallurgy), 5: 73-78 (In Chinese with English abstract)

12. Ge Yu, Zhengyao Jin, Lifang Chen, Fen Wang, Xiaoran Wang,Xiaotong Wu, Anchuan Fan, Qiongxia Xia, 2018. Analyzing the earliest Chinese proto-procelain: Study on the materials from Liaotianjianshan Kiln sites, Dehua County, Fujian Province (China). Ceramic International, Online.

13. Xiaoran Wang, Xingxiang Zhang, Anchuan Fan, Adamantios Sampson,Xiaotong Wu, Jun Gao, Fang Huang, Zhengyao Jin, 2018. Strontium isotopic evidence for the provenance of occupants and subsistence of Sarakenos Cave in prehistoric Greece. Quaternary International, Online.

Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, P.R.China 250100