Xiangwei Xie

Xiangwei Xie

Name: Xiangwei Xie解祥伟

Title: Post-doctoral Fellow

Gender: Male

Birth date: June 1987

Birth place: LinyiShanDong Province


Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, P.R.China 250100

E-mail: xxw2004@163.com


Education and Work Experience

September 2009-June 2011School of History and CultureShandong Normal University Bachelor

September 2011-June 2014Institute of Chinese and Foreign relationsJinan UniversityGuangzhou),Master

September 2014- June 2018School of history and culture, Nankai UniversityPh.D

September 2018-Present, School of history and culture, Shandong University, Post-doctoral Fellow


Research Interests

Sino-Korean Relations in Ming and Qing Dynasty


Journal Articles

1.Xiangwei Xie, Changing the ceremony: the Event of Ding Yingtai's impeachment of the Korean and Korea’s response to Ming Dynasty’s granting festival ceremony in 1609,Journal of the Chinese BookS Outside,2018(01)

2.Xiangwei Xie,The Study On Zu Chengxun’s Pyongyang Battle during the Early Period of War of Ming’s Defending the Japanese Invading KoreaJoural of Jinan History,201802.

3.Xiangwei Xie,A Study of Korean King's Submission to China at the Beginning of the Imjin WarJournal of Shixue Jikan,201704.

4.Weiguo Sun;Xiangwei Xie,On The Crisis of Confidence between the Ming and Choson Governments in the Early Stage of the Ming and Choson Anti-Japanese WarJournal of Acient Civilization,201701.

5.Yonglian Liu;Xiangwei Xie,Korean and Japanese Mutual Perception Deviations against the Backdrop of the Enlargement of the Huayi Order,Journal of World History,2015(04).