Post-doctoral Fellow
Qingzhu Wang

Qingzhu Wang

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University


Ph.D., Anthropology, Yale University. Advisor: Anne Underhill— 2021

Dissertation: Copper Mining and Bronze Production in Shandong Province: A New Perspective on the Political Economy of the Shang State

M.A., Archaeology, School of History and Culture, Shandong University— 2014

B.A., Archaeology, School of History and Culture, Shandong University—2011

Honors: Shandong Provincial Outstanding Graduate Award


Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University—present.

Postdoctoral and Teaching Fellow, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University— 2021-2022


Archaeology of China; Development of complex societies and early states in China; Archaeometallurgy and bronze production; Political economy of ancient states; Cultural contacts and social changes; Iconography and inscriptions on bronze objects; History of Chinese antiquarianism and archaeology; Archaeomagnetic dating (focus on China)


Peer-Reviewed Publications

2022— Qingzhu Wang, Zheng Gong, Stephen K. Victor, Michael Corolla, Anne P. Underhill, Roderick J, McIntosh, Hui Fang, Jikai Ding, Yichao Zhao, XueXiang Chen, YanBo Song. New archaeomagnetic directions from Late Neolithic sites in Shandong province, China. Geophysical Journal International.

2022— Cai, Youzhen, Shasha Long, Qingzhu Wang, Junfeng Guo. Scientific analyses for Shang period bronzes from the Liujiazhuang site in Jinan, Shandong (in Chinese). Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology, 34(3), pp. 55-69.

2021Wang, Qingzhu, Junfeng Guo, Jianli Chen, Siran Liu, Zhen Fang, Ming Li, Hui Fang. Lead Isotope Analysis of Shang Bronzes from the Liujiazhuang site, Jinan  (in Chinese). Kaogu (7), pp. 106-120.

2020— Chen, Xuexiang, Shiyong Yu, Qingzhu Wang, Xiaoxi Cui, Anne Underhill. More direct evidence for early dispersal of bread wheat to the eastern Chinese coast ca. 2460–2210 BC. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 12(10), pp.1-12.

Manuscripts in Press or in Preparation

Under second review. Submitted to Journal of Archaeological Sciences. Wang, Qingzhu, Siran Liu, Jianli Chen, Yanxiang Li, Xuexiang Chen, Xiaodong Guo, Hui Fang. The first discovery of Shang period slags with highly radiogenic lead in Yingcheng and implications for the Shang political economy.

In preparation, ready to be submitted to Kaogu. Wang, Qingzhu, Hui Fang, Xuexiang Chen. Report for the Excavation of the Architecture Foundation F61 at the Daxinzhuang site, Jinan, Shandong Province (in Chinese).

In preparation. Lingyi Zeng, Qingzhu Wang. Scientific analyses of Mongol period porcelains unearthed from Mongolia.

In preparation. Wang, Qingzhu, Jianli Chen, Siran Liu, Hui Fang. Revisiting the lead isotope data from Shang period bronzes: A new perspective to the circulation of metals.

In preparation. Wang, Qingzhu, Hui Fang, Jianfeng, Lang, Xuexiang Chen, Jianli Chen, Siran Liu. Bronze production at the Daxinzhuang site during the Shang period: Evidence from scientific analyses of metallurgical remains.


2014— Author: Fagan, Brian; Translator: Wang, Qingzhu. People of the Earth . Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Shandong Huabao Press.

2014— Author: Vance, Eric; Translator: Wang, Qingzhu. God of Blood and Stone . Huanqiu Kexue, (8): 82-89.

2014— Author: Feinman, Gary; Translator: Wang, Qingzhu. Economic Archaeology . Dongfang Kaogu, (11): 302-310. Kexue Press.

2011— Authors: Smith, Bruce D., and Richard A. Yarnell; Translator: Wang, Qingzhu. Initial Formation of an Indigenous Crop Complex in Eastern North America at 3800 B.P.. Nanfang Wenwu, (4): 157-161.

COURSES (Columbia University)

Archaeometallurgy in Ancient China. HSEAGR6401. 2021 Fall.

Introduction to East Asian Civilization: China. ASCEUN1359. 2022 Spring.

TEACHING FELLOW (Yale University)

Archaeology of East Asia. Instructor: Anne Underhill. 2019 Spring.

Archaeological Ceramics. Instructor: Anne Underhill. 2017 Fall.

Anthropology of Mobile Societies. Instructor: William Honeychurch. 2017 Spring.


2021—Shandong Provincial Social Science Foundation (21DKGJ02). Scientific analysis for the Shang period bronzes from the Subutun site (excavated in 1965-1966) in Shandong Museum. PI: Ma Ruiwen; Participant: Qingzhu Wang.

2019— The Augusta Hazard Fund, Yale University. Data collection for bronze objects from Liujiazhuang and Gucheng, Shandong, and sample collection for archaeomagnetic dating from the Sujiacun site, Rizhao, China

2018National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award (ID: 1744615), titled A Network Approach in Analyzing Early State Organization.” PI: Anne Underhill. Co-PI: Qingzhu Wang.

2018Yale University MacMillan International Dissertation Research Fellowship, titled Copper Mining and Bronze Production in Shandong Province: A New Perspective on the Political Economy of the Shang Dynasty.

2017— The Council on East Asian Studies (CEAS) Field Research Grant, Yale University. Archaeometallurgy survey of copper mining, smelting, and bronze production in China

2017— The Augusta Hazard Fund, Yale University. Investigation of early exploitation of copper ore deposits in Zouping, Shandong, China

2016— The CEAS Summer Travel & Research Fellowship, Yale University. PXRF analysis of bronze objects from Daxinzhuang, Shandong

2016— The Augusta Hazard Fund, Yale University. Participation in an excavation at the Sakamarekely site, investigating human-environmental interactions in Madagascar

2015— The Augusta Hazard Fund, Yale University. Investigating bronze production and distribution in Northern China during the Shang period

2015— The Josef Albers Traveling Fellowship, Yale University. Participation in excavations at Panquilma and Atalla, investigating core-peripheral interactions during the Early Horizon and the Late Intermediate period in Peru


2019—Archaeomagnetic sample taking from multiple sites in Shandong.

2019—Sample taking and scientific analysis of bronzes from Liujiazhuang and Gucheng. Dissertation project.

2018— Investigation of copper mining and bronze production in Shandong Province. Dissertation project. Fieldwork includes an archaeometallurgical survey in Yingcheng, a copper smelting site in Shandong, and scientific analyses of bronze objects from multiple Shang period sites in Shandong with pXRF, SEM-EDS, and MC-ICP-MS.

2017—Archaeometallurgical investigation of copper mining and smelting in Zouping, Shandong, during the Shang period (1600-1050 BC). Dissertation project.

2016— PXRF analysis of bronze objects from Daxinzhuang, Shandong. Dissertation project.

2016— Decision-making in the face of unpredictable climate and intergroup conflicts in southwest Madagascar. Site Director: Tanambelo Rasolondrainy (Yale University). Excavation at the Sakamarekely site, Madagascar.

2015— Exploring the role of long-distance exchange in the emergence of social complexity at the Early Horizon period site of Atalla, Huancavelica, Peru. Site Director: Michelle Young (Yale University).

2015— Archaeological field school of Peruvian central coast: Excavation at Panquilma. Director: Enrique Lopez-Hurtado (The Institute of Peruvian Studies, Peru).

2013— Wen-Si River Basin archaeological survey project. Directors: Li Min (UCLA) and Fang Hui (Shandong University).

2013, 2012— Archaeometallurgical investigation of Linzi, the capital of the Qi state. Director: Bai Yunxiang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). Excavations of an Iron workshop at the Kanjiazhai locale, Linzi.

2012— Archaeological investigation of mound (gudui) sites in Heze, Shandong Province. Director: Chen Xuexiang (Shandong University).

2012, 2011— Coastal Shandong Archaeological Settlement Pattern Project. Directors: Fang Hui (Shandong University) and Gary Feinman (Field Museum). Participation in systematic regional surveys in Jiaonan, Shandong Province.

2011— Participation in a survey investigating human-plant interactions in Rizhao. Directors: Anne Underhill (Yale University) and Chen Xuexiang (Shandong University).

2010— Excavation at the Daxinzhuang site, Jinan. Director: Fang Hui. I excavated an architecture foundation (F61) and prepared a report. The manuscript is ready to be submitted to Kaogu.

2010— Survey of salt-manufacturing sites in the Lower Xiaoqing River Valley. Director: Wang Qing (Shandong University).


2022— “Diachronic Changes in Lead Isotope Data for Bronzes and the Implications to the Shang Political Economy.” Paper presented at the 87th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Chicago, USA

2022— “Copper mining and bronze production in Shandong Province: A new perspective on the political economy of the Shang state.” Early China Seminar Lecture Series, Columbia University.

2020— “Copper mining and bronze production in Shandong Province: A new perspective on the political economy of the Shang state.” Brownbag talk in the Department of Anthropology, Yale University.

2018— “Identifying local bronze production without direct evidence: Cases from Zhengzhou and Panlongcheng. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for East Asian Archaeology, Nanjing, China.

2018— “Analysis of bronze objects with pXRF: advantages and cautions.” Lecture at the field school of Shandong University in Heze, Shandong, China.

2018— “Application of pXRF in analysis of bronze objects.” Paper presented at the Summer School of Archaeometallurgy in Asia, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China.

2017— “PXRF examination of Shang bronzes from the Daxinzhuang site, Shandong.” Paper presented at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Vancouver, Canada.

2016— “Metals in the Panquilma site, Ychima Culture.” Paper presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Orlando, Florida.


2022— Journal of Archaeological Science: Report, Reviewer

2021— Asian Perspectives, Reviewer


Proficiency in using pXRF and SEM-EDS for bronze sample analyses

Pre-treatment of bronze samples for lead isotope analysis

Basic training in using a magnetometer

Basic training in archaeomagnetic dating

Proficiency in using JMP (statistical software), Photoshop, and basic skills in GIS.


Chinese: Native speaker

Inscriptions on oracle bones and bronze vessels: preliminary reading and interpretation

English: advanced in writing, reading, and speaking/listening

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