Associate Professor
Guoquan Lu

Name:Guoquan Lu(路国权)

Title:Associate Professor,Master Tutor

Research Interests:

Field Archaeology,Bronze Age Archaeology and Ancient Chinese Bronze

Recent research projects:

AStudy on Staging, Dating and Genealogy of Bronze Vessels in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Shandong Provincial Social Science Planning and Management Office.




Associate professor,archaeological,Since2014(U.Shandong,China)

Avisiting scholar and a third researcher,2016-2017(U.Nanshan,Japan)


In 2012, the first Chinese Liji archaeology scholarship was discovered.

2013-2015 Shandong Excellent Field Archaeological Site Award

2016 New Five Archaeological Discoveries in Shandong Province

2016~2017 Shandong Excellent Field Archaeological Site Award

2017 China's six major archaeological discoveries

2017 National Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries

2016-2017 Field Archaeology Award (third prize)

Main representative:

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