Associate Professor
Jianfeng Lang

Name: Jianfeng Lang(郎剑锋

Title: Associate Professor of Archaeology of Early China

Gender: Male

Birth date: January 1981

Birth place: Qingyuan 清苑 County, Hebei 河北 Province



Education Background

2009.09-2012.07, School of History and Culture, Shandong University, PhD Archaeology;

2004.09-2006.07, School of Archaeology and Museogoy, Peking University, MA Archaeology;

2000.09-2004.07, School of History and Culture, Shandong University, BA Archaeology.

Teaching Summary

Ancient Chinese Bronzes; Theory and Method of Archaeology; Introduction to Archaeolgy.


Research Interests

Archaeology of Bonze Age of China; Ancient Chinese Bronzes; Origin and Early Development of Porcelain.


Selected Publications

Jianfeng Lang 郎剑锋. 2018(10). The Study on the Bronze zaoding-vessel 青铜“灶鼎”研究. Kaogu 考古;

Jianfeng Lang et 郎剑锋等. 2018(8). The Excavation of Water Well J3 in the Ancient City Site of the Zhu State in Zoucheng City, Shandong in 2017 山东邹城市邾国故城遗址2017年 J3发掘简报. Kaogu考古;

Jianfeng Lang et 郎剑锋等. 2017(2). A Study of the Style and Producing Area of the Glazed Pottery Lei Liquid Vessels Unearthed from a Qi State Tomb of the Warring-state Period in Linzi City 临淄战国齐墓出土釉陶罍的风格与产地. Huaxia Kaogu 华夏考古;

Jianfeng Lang 郎剑锋. 2016(4). Note on the Bronze Unearthed from the Tomb of the Spring and Autumn Period at Liujiadianzi, Yishui County, Shandong Province 山东沂水刘家店子春秋墓铜器三题. Jianhan Kaogu 江汉考古;

Jianfeng Lang 郎剑锋. 2015(4). Sun Worship in the Wu and Yue Region During the Bronze Age: A Cultural Interpretation of the Bronze Staff Finials 吴越地区青铜时代的太阳崇拜——一种青铜杖饰的文化解析. Dongnan Wenhua 东南文化;

Jianfeng Lang 郎剑锋. 2014(4). Human Sacrifice in Casting Artifacts: Cultural Meanings of the Terracotta Combination of Human Beings Worshipping Mountains from the Old City of Zhongshan Kingdom in Lingshou 烁身以成物——中山灵寿故城“人俑拜山”陶器组合的文化意义. Minsu Yanjiu 民俗研究.


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