Associate Professor
Qiang Wang

Qiang Wang(王强)


Title:Associate Professor


Study experience:

1998-2008, Department of Archaeology, Shandong University, Ph.D.

Course:Neolithic Archaeology, Ancient Jade, Ancient coins, Archaeology and World Civilization History

Research Direction:

Ancient Jade and stone tool, prehistoric Archaeology


Wang Qiang. On the origin of raw material of jades and technology in Neolithic period in Haidai region. Huaxia Archaeology, 2008,2:76-83.

Wang Qiang, Wang Qing, Li mingqi. The phytophagous diet has been revealed by starch grain analysis from stone tools and pottery at Xi jincheng site, Bo' ai county,Henan province: the cultivation of the Tribe Triticeae. Agricultural history of china, 2015,5:3-11.

Wang Qiang, Deng Cong, Luan Fengshi. Prehistoric Jades Cultural Communications between Haidai Area and Northeastern Asia,Archaeology, 2018,7:107-120.

Wang Qiang, Yang Haiyan. Eastward Diffusion of Western Jades and the Westward Transmission of Eastern Crafts: A Comparative Study of Jade Articles of the Longshan Culture in the Yellow River Basin.Southeast culture, 2018,3:6-15.

Li Mingqi, Yang Xiaoyan, Wang Hui. Wang Qiang, et al. Starch grains from dental calculus reveal ancient plant foodstuffs at Chenqimogou site, Gansu Province.Science China Earth Science,2010,53(5):694-699.

Xiaoyan Yang, Zhiwei Wan, Linda Perry, Houyuan Lu, Qiang Wang, et al. Early millet use in northern China.PNAS, 2012, 109(10): 3726-3730. 18

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