Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
jingye Cai

Name:jingye Cai(蔡静野)

Title:Assistant Researcher,Craft Artist,Master Instructor


Learning work experience:

2018.06 Shandong University Archaeology Postdoctoral Station

2017.12 Teaching at the School of History and Culture,Shandong University

2015.09-2017.06 Archaeology/Art museum exhibition displays (Ph.D) at the Taiwan University of Arts

2006.02-2007.07 Jilin University Heritage Reference Room (formerly Museum of Art and Archeology )

2005.09-2007.07 Master of History in Archaeology and Museology,Jilin University


Undergraduate course:Museum display design;Museum management and Analysis

Postgraduate course:Museum display design

Recent research directions:

Art archaelolgical;The new museology;Museum showcasingtheory and practice;Heritage research study

Main representative work:

2018.11 Cai jing ye,“Musemu,Urban Culture inter pretation Space”,(Academic Forum: Urban Culture Deveiopment and Spatial Reconstruction)

2017.06 Cai jing ye,”Painting and Calligraphy DisplaySpace and Graphic Shape in Tang and Song Dynasties”(Taiwan University of Arts)

2017.06 Cai jing ye,”Keith Haring,Symbolic Wisdom in the Exhibition Space”,《ChineseArts》

2016.11 Cai jing ye,”The Artistic Display and Communication Concept of Dunghuang Grottoes”

(2016 International Symposiumon Cultural Trajectories:Cultural Governance,Global Mobility and Actions)

2016.03 Cai jing ye,”Do not“know”does not”feel”Spreading the concept of Chinese Buddhist art show,(Taiwan Conference)

2016.01 Cai jing ye,”Travel Notes of the Old City of jiaohe in Xinjiang”,《Artwork》

2015.12 Li wu、Cai jing ye,”The Management and Thinking of Curating Art in Contemporary Memorial Hall”,《Chinese Memorial Research》

Recent research projects:

1.Qi cultural heritage of innovation and demonstration area,Shandong Province,the construction of major projects Jiang taigong Temple and ,Guanzhong Memorial Hall upgrade and expansion project(sub-project) 2017-2018

2.”Museum painting exhibition and interpretation”,Shandong University basic research funded project,2018.03

3.Taierzhuang Ancient City Cultural Heritage Protection,Utilization and Display Project(Sub-topic)

4.”LiudunyuanCentenary Birthday Memorial exhibition”,curators2018.06

5.Cicheng xincheng 1-8,1-16 Building plots rescue archaeological exploration,2018.07-2018.08

6.Qutan temple museum exhibitions research and planning, 2018.10-2020.10

7.Exhibition and interpretation of Ancient Paintings and Callgraphy of Museums, Shandong Province Social Science Planning Research Project of 2019, 2019.01-2020.12

Main academic part-time job:

1.Member of the National Museum Association

2.Exhibition planner reviewer

3.Member of the Standing Committee of the Exhibition Art Committee of the Museum of Shandong Province


1. Won the“First prize”of the Young Teachers’Teaching Competition in the 2018-2019 school year of Shandong University

2.Won the title of“Young Teaching Experts”at Shandong University(11th)

3.Won the 2018 of the school History and Culture, the outstanding performance award for teaching

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