Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Jingyi Shen

Jingyi Shen(申静怡)

Lecturer in archaeological science



2005-2009 BSc inPreservation Technology for Cultural Heritage, the School of Cultural Heritage,Northwest University, China

2009-2012 MA inPreservation Technology for Cultural Heritage, the School of Cultural Heritage, Northwest University, China

2012-2017PhD in Archaeological Science, the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Nottingham, UK

2019-presentLecturer in Archaeological Science, the School of History and Culture, Shandong University

Expertise Summary:

Innovative techniques in the analysis of archaeological materials;Ceramic,glaze and glass studies;The Silk Road and archaeological materials

Teaching Summary:

Exploring archaeological science at UG level

Involved ResearchProjects:

2019-2021 The Yaozhou black and celadon glazes project: raw materials and techniques.The Fundamental Research Funds of Shandong University.

2013-2016 Provenance and Technology of ceramic glazes in Northern China and the Middle East—a PhD research training project of NaturalEnvironment Research Council (IP-1487-1114). Funded byNatural Environment Research Council.Main researcher and trainee.

2013-2017 Silk Road project: An international multidisciplinary investigation (Funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council, British Academy and Natural Environment Research Council). Researcher in ancient Chinese and Islamic ceramic studies.

Selected Publications:

Shen, J., J., Ma, Henderson, J., Evans, H., Chenery, S., F. Wang and R, Wen. 2019. Chemical and strontium isotope analysis of Yaozhou celadon glaze.Archaeometry. DOI:10.1111/arcm.12482

Shen, J., Henderson, J., Evans, J., Chenery, S., and F, Zhao. 2019. A study of the glazing techniques and provenance of Tang Sancai glazes using elemental and lead isotope analyses.Archaeometry. 61(2):358–373

Shen, J.,C., Liu. 2012. Research on deterioration mechanism of the red sandstone cultural relics in Dongguan东莞地区红砂岩文化遗存病害机理研究.Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology文物保护与考古科学.24(2): 31-37 (in Chinese)

Honors and Prizes:

2013Vice Chancellor,s Scholarship for Research Excellence(International), University of Nottingham

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