Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Li Li

Li Li(李力)


Assistant Researcher


Email: boy0632@163.com

Learningandwork experiences:

2015.09 to presentShandong University

Research direction: organic cultural relics conservation and archaeological residues analysis

2010.09~2015.06History ofScience and Technology University of Science and Technology of China

Research direction: cultural relics conservation and Archaeometry

2006.09~2010.07Biotechnology Shandong Agricultural University

Leading courses:


  • The Science and Technology of Cultural Relics Conservation

  • Archaeology and the History of World Civilization


  • Theory and Practice of Cultural Relics Conservation

Recent research:

  • Organic cultural relicsconservationtechnology;

  • Extraction and Analysis of Cultural Relics Information;

  • Biomacromolecular residue analysis.

The main works :

  • The identification of textile residues on iron objects excavated from the Majiayuan site[J]. Sciences of Conservation and Archaeology, 2017, 29(1): 1-7.

  • Biomolecular Evidence of Silk from 8,500 Years Ago.[J]. PlosOne, 2016, 11(12).

  • The Identification and Analysis of the Silk Residues in the Tomb Soils from Jiahu Site [D]. 2015.

  • Different types of peptide detected by mass spectrometry amongfresh silk and archaeological silk remains for distinguishing modern contamination.Plos One.

  • Research on ancient silk protein residue, 2013 East Asian Cultural Heritage Protection Society Symposium, 2013, East Asian Cultural Heritage Protection Society Korea Branch: Gyeongju, South Korea.

  • Biomass Spectrometry Identification of the Fiber Material inthe Pall Imprint Excavated from Grave M1, Peng-state Cemetery, Shanxi, China[J]. Archaeometry

  • Protection test of Liao Dynasty colored clay sculpture in Datong Shanhua Temple[J]. Cultural Relics World, 2015(4)

  • The conservation of the unearthed ash textiles (M). 2016 (participation)

Recent research projects:

  • "The Study on the Status and Protection Countermeasures of Organic Cultural Relics Protection in Shandong Province"

  • “The Analysis of coffin wood and pollutants in Qing Dynasty unearthed from Heyang Community, Yinan City, Shandong Province”

  • "The Study on the textile materials and pollutants unearthed from the cemetery of Heyang Community in Yinan city, Shandong Province"

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