Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Wen Zeng

Wen Zeng(曾雯)

Assistant Research Fellow

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University

27 Shanda Nanlu, Jinan, 250100, Shandong Province, China



  • Ancient DNA

  • Physical Anthropology

  • Paleopathology

  • East Asia Archaeology


  • Ph. D. in Archaeology, Jilin University (JLU), China, 2014

    Dissertation title:“A Research of Molecular Archaeology on the Human Skeletons of Mogou Graveyard, Lintan County, Gansu Province”

    M.A. in Archaeology, Jilin University (JLU), China, 2009

    Thesis: “The Origin and Migration of the Xianbei and Khitan: Perspectives from Physical Anthropology and Molecular Archaeology”

    B.A. in Archaeology,Jilin University (JLU), China, 2007

    B.S. in Biotechnology,Jilin University (JLU), China, 2008


  • 2015-2018, The National Social Science Foundation of China. Ancient DNA analysis of the early Neolithic population in Beiqian, Shandong. Total financial volume:200,000 RMB

    2015-2017, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Genetic analysis of human remains found in Shang Dynasty site at Jinan, Shandong. Total financial volume:80,000 RMB

    2014-2017, the National Social Science Foundation of China.Research of the human remains excavated from Daxinzhuang site in Jinan. Total financial volume for ancient DNA work:80,000 RMB

    2014-2016, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.Bioarchaeological research of human skeletons excavated from cemeteries of Han Dynasty in Haidai region. Total financial volume for ancient DNA work:30,000 RMB



  • 2012,The Second prize in “Elite Cup” Academic Achievement Contest for Graduate Student by JLU

    2009-2012,The Basic Scholarship for Excellent Graduate Student by JLU

    2010-2011,The First prize Scholarship for Excellent Graduate Student by JLU


  • 2018-2014,Postdoctoral fellow,the School of History and Culture, Shandong University, China

    2018-present, Assistant Research Fellow,Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University, China 




  • Independent teaching at Shandong University:

  • Academic English in Archaeology

  • Physical Anthropology

  • Archaeology and World Civilizations

    Teaching assistant at Jilin University:

  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology

  • Introduction to Molecular Archaeology

  • Anthropometry and Nonmetric Characters


Wen Zeng, Jiawei Li, Hongbin Yue, Minghui Wang,Hui Zhou, Hong Zhu (2018) Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of Shang Dynasty Human Skeletal Remains from the Lijiazhuang Site in Anyang.Huaxia Archaeology, 2: 100-105.(in Chinese)

Jiawei Li ,Wen Zeng, Chunxiang Li , Erika Hagelberg , Hong Zhu , Hui Zhou(2017)Ancient DNA Reveals Genetic Connections between Early Di-Qiang and Han Chinese. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 17:239. (SCI)

Yongsheng Zhao, Lin Guo, Daohua Hao, Baolei Li,Wen Zeng* (2017) A study of the foot-binding phenomenon of Qing Dynasty females in Shandong Province.Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 36 (3) :344-358

Yongsheng Zhao,Wen Zeng,Chengmin Wei, Xinyue Zhang, Kai Lv. (2017)Occipital Deformity of the Habitants of Dawenkou Culture[J].Southeast Culture, (03),64-72

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Yongsheng Zhao,Wen Zeng, Ruilin Mao, Hong Zhu (2014) Dental Health of Ancient Mogou Residents in Lintan, Gansu Province.Acta Anthropologica Sinica. 33(4): 483- 496 (in Chinese)

Wen Zeng, Pan Qifeng, Yongsheng Zhao, Hong Zhu (2014) Cranial Features of Dian Culture Human Remains from the Shaomaoshan Cemetery.Acta Anthropologica Sinica. 33(2): 187-197 (in Chinese)

Wen Zeng, Yongsheng Zhao (2013) Preliminary research on the Evolution of the Physical Features of the Ancient Residents in Shandong.Southeast Culture.234: 65-70 (in Chinese)

Dong Wei,Wen Zeng, Xi’en Chang, Hong Zhu (2012) An Osteological Analysis of Human Remains from the Heigouliang Cemetery in Hami, Xinjiang.Acta Anthropologica Sinica. 33(4): 176-186 (in Chinese)

Hong Zhu,Wen Zeng, Quanchao Zhang, Hui Zhou (2012) Bio-Archaeological Research of the Ethnicity of Lamadong Sanyan Burials. Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition. 52(1): 44-51+159 (in Chinese)

Dong Wei,Wen Zeng, Tuohuti·Tulahong. Research on Ancient Human Skull exhumed From the Baiqier Cemetery Xinjiang Hami Region.Research of China’s Frontier Archaeology.9:258-270 (in Chinese)


Wen Zeng, Yongsheng Zhao, Jiawei Li, Hong Zhu (2016) Genetic structure of ancient population of the early bronze age Qijia culture and genetic contribution to Present-day Chinese.Poster presentation at the Society for American Archaeology 81st Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL. April 6-10.

Wen Zeng, Jiawei Li, Hongbin Yue, Hui Zhou, Hong Zhu (2013) Preliminary Research on Hereditary Features of Yinxu Population.Poster presentation at the 82nd Annual Meeting of American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Knoxville, TN. April 9-13.

Wen Zeng, Jiawei Li, Hongbin Yue, Hui Zhou, Hong Zhu (2012) Mitochondrial DNA Research of Ancient People Excavated in Liujiazhuang Beidi, Anyang.Presentation in the proceedings of 11th National Symposium on Archaeometry, Hangzhou, China. November 28-30.

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