Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Yameng Zhang

Yameng Zhang

Name: Yameng Zhang 张亚盟

Title: Assistant researcher

Gender: Male

Birth date: November 1991

Birth place: Laiwu, Shandong


Education and Work Experience

2009.09-2013.06, Marine College, Shandong University

2010.09-2011.06, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University

2013.09-2019.06, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2017.03-2018.03, School of Anatomical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Witwatersrand


Research Interests

Brain evolution and brain volume estimation of fossil hominins, occipital variation during human evolution, and application of quantitative genetics and geometric morphometrics in the study of human fossil.


Journal Articles

1. Zhang Yameng, Wu Xiujie, and Schepartz, Lynne A. 2017. Comparing methods for estimating cranial capacity in incomplete human fossils using the Jingchuan 1 partial cranium as an example. Quaternary International, 434(Part A), 57-64. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.quaint.2015.12.008

2. Zhang Yameng, Wei Pianpian, Sexual dimorphism in modern Chinese human skull section outline: A study based on geometric morphometrics. Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 2015, 34(3). DOI: 10.16359/j.cnki.cn11-1963/q.2015.0000 (现代人头骨断面轮廓的性别鉴定——基于几何形态测量的研究)

3. Wu Xiujie, Zhang Yameng, The temporal bony labyrinthine morphology of Lantian Homo erectus from Gongwangling, Shaanxi province. Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 2015, 34(3). DOI: 10.16359/j.cnki.cn11-1963/q.2015.0000 陕西公王岭蓝田直立人内耳迷路的复原及形态特点

4. Wu Xiujie, Fan Xuechun, Li Shiming, Zhang Yameng, Fang Yuan, Gao Xing, The early Neolithic human skull from Qihe Cave, Zhangping, Fujian. Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 2014, 33(4):448-459. 福建漳平奇和洞发现的新石器时代早期人类头骨


Contact Info.

Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University

72 Binhai Road, Qingdao, P.R.China 266237

E-mail: ymzh@sdu.edu.cn



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