Yiping Sun

Name: Yiping Sun(孙一萍)

Title:Professor, Postgraduate Supervisor


Birth date:January 1972

Birth place:Dezhou, Shandong

Education and Work Experience

Beijing University (Doctor in World History),2002.9-2006.7

Beijing University(Master in World History),1997.9-2000.1

Qufu University (Bachelor in World History),1989.9-1993.7

Dezhou University, Department of History, lecturer,1993.9-2006.6

Shandong University, School of History and Culture, associate professor,2006.7till now

Courses: Modern World History(1900-1945), French History, Introduction of Western Culture, Introduction of Western Classics

Research Interests: French History, French Cultural History

Research Projects:French Constitutional Studies(11BSS020),One of theGeneral Projects organised by National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences

Journal Articles:

1.EmotionalExpression: theMainResearchAspect ofEmotionalHistory,Journal of Historical Science,04/2018。

2.Do Emotions Have Their Own History?----On William Reddy’sCritiques about theEmotional Study under the Perspective of Constructionism,Historiography Quarterly, 04/2017。

3.The New Trend of the French Revolution researches,World History, 01/2016.

4.Translate“The French Revolution in the Perspective of Emotional History”by Timothy Tackett,World History, 4/2016.

5.On the Definition of Referendum and Plebiscite,World History, 05/2014.

6.Discussion on theConstruction of Metro in Paris MunicipalCouncil during thePeriod of 1871-1900,New Historical Studies, 12/2014.

7.The Role of Memory Studies in Public Historical Education in Modern France,DongYue Review, 07/2013.

8.Reviews on the Studies of Referendum System in European and American Academic Fields,Historiography Quarterly, 01/2012.

9.On the Plebiscites during the First and Second French Empire,Studies of Modern World History,08/2011.

10.Charles de Gaulle and Referendums in Early Days of the French Fifth Republic,History Teaching and Research,04/2011.

11.The Republicans ’Criticism on the Plebiscite Theory during the Second French Empire,Journal of Historical Science, 07/2010(Reprinted byChinese Social Science Digest, 12/2010).

12.The State of Research on the French Revolution in China,La révolution française(, 11/2008.

13.Le point de vue de Jean-Paul Sartre sur l’ethique,Dongyue Tribune,7/2006.

14.The Characters of Referendum in France during the French Revolution,Journal of Liaocheng University,06/2006.

15.The Practice and its Meaning of the Referendum during the French Revolution,Journal of Qilu,06/2006.


The Silent Policy Maker: The Institutionalization of the Referendum in France, Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2011.

Honors and Awards

Academic Title

Member of Council for Chinese French History Research Association

Member of Council for Chinese Modern History Research Association


Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan,P.R.China 250100

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