​Luanzhai Gu

Luanzhai Gu

Name: Luanzhai Gu顾銮斋

Title: Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Gender: Male

Birth date: November 1954

Birth place: Boxing County, Shandong Province


Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, P. R. China 250100



Education and Work Experience

Mar. 1978-Jan. 1982, Department of History, Qufu Normal University, bachelor’s degree;

Sept. 1987-Jul. 1990, majored in World Ancient Medieval History, Peking University, master’s degree;

Sept. 2002-Jul. 2005, majored in World Medieval History, Tanjin Normal University, doctor’s degree.



Courses for undergraduates: World Ancient History, Medieval History, Ancient Greek History, Economic History, Cultural History, and so on;

Courses for postgraduates: History of Ancient World Culture, Western Constitutional History, Western European Feudal Economies Studies, British History Special, Comparative Studies on Chinese and Western History, Literature Translation and World History Research.

Research Interests

Athenian democracy, Western European medieval constitutional thought, Western European medieval taxation, comparative studies on taxation in medieval China and Western Europe, and so on.

Research Projects

Lead researcher of “A Comparative Study of Feudal Taxation in China and Western Europe” and “Research on Church-state Economic Thought and Administration’s Economic Policy in Western Europe” (General Projects of National Social Science Fund);

Lead researcher of “Research on Constitutional Thought of Medieval Civilization in Western Europe” (Key Projects of National Social Science Fund);

Lead researcher of “A Multi-volume General History of British Taxation” (Major Projects of National Social Science Fund).

Lead researcher of several other projects, such as subprojects of the Major Projects of National Social Science Fund and Major Projects of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Peking University Academic Foundation Projects.


Journal Articles

Published a great many scholarly articles in the following top Chinese journals and newspapers, such as Historical Research, World History, Journal of Chinese Historical Studies, Historiography Quarterly, Guangming Daily.



Monograph: A Comparative Study of Taxation in China and Western Europe in the Middle Ages

Chief editor:

Works—The Western Constitutional History (5 volumes, wrote the first volume—Pandect)

Textbook—World History Coursebook: The Ancient Volume


Honors and Awards

Honorary Title: Master of social sciences in Shandong Province

Scientific Research Achievements:

The monograph—A Comparative Study of Taxation in China and Western Europe in the Middle Ages has been selected for the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences, and has won the special-class award of Shandong Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements;

Papers: won the second and third class awards of Shandong Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements for several times;

Teaching Achievements: the first class Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements prize awarded by the Education Commission of Shandong Province, the second class provincial teaching achievements, the first state-level prize of “Outstanding Achievements in Education”, and so on.


Academic Title

Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Society of World Medieval History

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