Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Lifang Sun




Birth date:Jul 1984

Birth place:Dongying City, Shandong Province, China

Education and Work Experience

Aug2003- Jun 2007, Shandong University, BA

Sep 2007- Jun 2010, Nankai University, MA

Sep 2010- Jun 2014, Nankai University, PhD

Aug 2006- Jan 2017, Lingnan University, Hongkong

Nov 2011- Oct 2012, University of Birmingham, UK

Jul 2014- Now, School of History and Culture, Shandong University, Lecturer


History of the Ancient World; ByzantineCivilization; Economic & Social History of the Medieval Europe.

Research Interests:

My research interests involve the history of the empire of Nicaea; the history, culture and education in the late Byzantine empire;the history of the medieval Europe.

Research Projects:

“StudiesonAkropolites and HisHistory” (National Social Science Fund Project,2018)

“Researches on the Issue of Restoration of the Byzantine Empire in 13thCentury”(Social Science Fund Project of Shandong Province,2018)

Journal Articles:

“Review on the English Edition of Akopolites’History”,Journal of Sino-WesternCommunications(2014).

“The Western Ancient World in Modern Talks”,Historiography Quarterly1(2016).

“Reviewson the First NationalConferenceofthe Young and Middle-aged Scholars in World History Studies”,World History5 (2016).

“Studies on the Unction in the Empire of Nicaea in 13thCentury”, in Songyan Xu ed.,ClassicalReview, Shanghai:SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2018.


StudiesonAkropolites and his History(Incoming)

The History of Akropolites(Translation, Incoming)

Honors and Awards:

Teaching CompetitionofYoung TeachersinShandong University(2018),theSecondPrize.

Academic Title:

Assistant professorintheCenterofByzantine Studies, Nankai University

Contact Info.:

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

27 South Shanda Road, Jinan, P. R. China 250100

E-mail: slf-616@163.com

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