Lecturer & Assistant Research Fellow
Liang Kong

Liang Kong



Birth date:september 1973

Birth Palace: Huantai county,Shandong province

Education and Work Experience:

September1991——July1995,Bachelor`s degree in world history major,department of history,Shandong University;

September1995——July 1998;Master degree in modern and contemporary world history,Department of history,Renmin university of China;

August1998——August2000;Assistant Professor of world history,School of history and culture,Shandong University,

From August 2000 to the present,History Lecturer in modern world history,school of history and culture,Shandong University;

Courses :

contemporary history of the world;modern world history;contemporary Sino-US diplomacy

Research Interests:

Modern world history;Contemporary history of the world;Modern history of sino -foreign relations;Contemporary Sino-US diplomacy,The evolution of China`s diplomatic etiguette system in the Lateqing Dynasty;Contemporary world history and historical materials;Appreciation of contemporary world photography;Teaching strategives of modern world history;The Belt and Road Initiatives,Shandong section development;Innovation strategy of modern cultural and tourism;Modern economic strategy of exhibition;Modern and contemporary urban construction strategy;History of modernChinese and foreign literature;Maxism exploration in china;Learning power platform;Lighthouse,party construction,online;Strategies of ideological and political education in modern colleges and universities;Comprehensive management strategyof modern colleges and universities;History of modern science and technology;Modern welfare state and Chinese practive;Discussion on the emancipation of modern women;Exploration of modern world history service function;A study of figures in modern world history;Discussion on the modern abdication system;Discussion on modern social transformation and institutional ethics;

Reasearch Projects

Journals Articles

《Publicity monthly》,Third issue,The year 2000,《Opportunity or challenge——The summit of the DPRK and the rok looks ahead》.


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Contact Info.school of History and Culture

Shandong University 27 south Shanda Road,Jinan,P.R.China 250100


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