Associate Professor
Dongli Yang


Name:Yang Dongli


Title: Associate Professor,Postgraduate Supervisor

Birth Date: August,1977

Native Place:Shandong, Longkou


Education and Work Experience:

December,2012-Now, Associate Professor, Graduated Student Supervisor, Cultural Industries Management Department, School of History and Culture, Shandong University.

December,2010-December,2012, Associate Professor, Cultural Industries Management Department, School of History and Culture, Shandong University.

December,2010-January,2012, Visiting Scholar, Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University.

May,2007- December,2010, Post-doctoral researcher in History of Particular Subjects, Center for History Post-doctoral Studies, Shandong University.

July,2006-November,2010,Lecturer, Cultural Industries Management Department, School of History and Culture, Shandong University.

September, 2003-June,2006, Theory of Literature and Art, Shandong University.

September,1999-June,2002, MA in Theory of Literature and Art, Shandong University.

September,1995-July,1999,BA in Chinese Language and Literature, Elitist Class, Shandong University.


1、Basis Course for Undergraduate:(1)Cultural Marketing and Management(2)Cultural Consumption Psychology

2、Elective Course for Undergraduate:(1)Special Issue on Contemporary Popular Culture(2)Introduction for Aesthetics(3)Marketing Aesthetics(4)English for Cultural Industries

3、General Elective Course for Undergraduate:(1)Special Issue on Contemporary Popular Culture

4、Elective Course for Postgraduate:(1)Special Issue on Western Cultural Industries Theory(2)Introduction for Cultural Industries Documents(3)English for Cultural Industries

Recent Research AreasCultural Industries History; Cultural Marketing and Communication; Cultural Heritage Protection and Innovation; Cultural Industries and Public Cultural Education


Representative Works:

1、Representative Books

10 Unique Monograph and Book Chapters,the representatives are:

(1) Unique Monograph: The Birmingham School’s Cultural Ideas and Popular Cultural Studies, Shandong University Press,2011.

(2) Unique Editor:Cultural Marketing, Fujian People Press, 2014.

(3) Permanent Editor: Yearbook on Chinese Cultural Industries (1979-2008), Shandong University Press,2011. Culture and Art Press,2009.

2、Representative Articles

Almost 50 articles published on important academic journals of inland and overseas,the representatives are:

1Audience Ethnography:Critique and RestructuringShandong Social Science,(5), 2020.

2)Folk Culture’s‘Living’Protection and Development in Urbanization Process,Hundreds’ Comments ,(6),2015.

(3) Developing Cultural Industries and Constructing Virtuous Cultural Ecology,Tianfu New Theory,(1),2011.

(4) Folk Culture’s Industrialization and “Fake Folk Culture ”, Tianfu New Theory,(1),2010.

(5) Chinese Misreading for Birmingham School’s Cultural Studies, Shandong Social Science,(9), 2009.

(6) The Birmingham School and Cultural Popularism, Shandong Social Science,(3), 2009.

(7) The Birmingham School and Cultural Studies’ Evolvement, Journal of Hebei University, (6),2008.

(8) Mass Culture: Mass’ Culture?, Twenty-first Century(Hongkong),(1),2008.

(9) Literary Studies: Starting Point of Birmingham School’s Cultural Studies, Journal of Guangxi Normal University, (6),2007.

(10) On the Cultural Idea of the Birmingham School, Dongyue Forum, (4),2006.

(11) On F·Jameson's Pattern of Postmodernism Plane, Journal of Shandong Academy of Governance,(4),2005.

(12) On Huagang’s Interpretation of the Relationship between Beauty and Practice, Journal of School of Chinese Language and Culture Nanjing Normal University,(2),2005.

(13) On Wangfuzhi’s Unique Interpretation on “Xing, Guan,Qun,Yuan”, TheoryJournal,(2),2005.

(14) On Kant’s Several Enlightenments for Postmodernism Poetics, Journal of Ocean University of China,(1),2004.

(15) “Xin”’s Media Signification in “Tracing the Origin to the Dao” in Wenxindiaolong,Ancient and modern art(Taiwan),(5),2001.

16)“Artistic Conception”and“Beauty’s Idea”,Ancient and modern art(Taiwan),(8),2000.

17)Dialect for “Image”and“Artistic Conception”,Ancient and modern art(Taiwan),(2),2000.

18)Correction Experiment  for “Shan Xuan Tang Guang Guan Sheng”in “Jingming Temple”in“South of City”in Story of LuoYang Temple,Documents,(1),2000.

19)On Chinese “Synonym” Phenomena and the Processing, Language Development and Communication(Hongkong),(10),1999.

20)Winding Path leading to Secluded Quiet Place:On Three Aesthetic Thinking Stages of Sushi’ s Poetry and Painting Realm, Ancient and modern art(Taiwan),(5),1999.


Research Projects:

More than 20 Cooperation Projects and 8 Independent Projects at National, Ministerial,

Provincial, School level in Cultural Industries Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary and Art Theory, Aesthetics, etc.

Professional Memberships:

Chinese and Foreign Literary and Art Theory Society

Chinese Literary and Art Theory Society

National Marxism Literary Theory Research Society

Chinese Society for Aesthetics

Shandong Provincial Writers Association

Xinhua News Agency“LiaoWang” Think Tank

Member of Journal Editorial Board:

Cultural Industries


Honors and Distinctions:

7 Independent Academic and Writing’s Prizes at National, Provincial and Departmental Levels.

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