Associate Professor
Guangzhen Wang



Guangzhen Wang(王广振)

Title:Associate Professor, MasterSupervisor


Birth date:October1971

Birth place:Zaozhuang County, Shandong Province

Education and Work Experience

Education Experience

1. 1990-1994, bachelor degree in art, Department of Russian, Shandong Normal University;

2. 1995-1998, master degree in history, Department of History, Novosibirsk State Normal University, Russia;

3. 2002-2003, visiting scholar, Moscow Normal University;

4. 2003-2007, doctordegreeinlaw, School of Political Science and Public Administration, Shandong University;

5. 2008-2011, post-doctoral research in the direction of cultural resources and cultural industries, School of History and Culture, Shandong University

Work Experience

1. 1994-2003, History Department, Shandong Normal University;

2. Since 2003, School of History and Culture, Shandong University.

3. Since 2016, Vice President, Institute of Cultural Industry of Shandong University.

4. Since 2017, Vice President, Institute of Urban Culture of Shandong University.


Cultural Investment;Cultural IndustriesProject Planning and Investment;

Russian History;History of Sino-Russian Relationship; Appreciation of World Modern History Film and Television Archive.

Research Interests

1.Cultural and Industries Management: Cultural Industries Project Planning and Investment; Regional Cultural Resources and Characteristic Cultural Industries; Research on the Development of Chinese County Culture; Rural Revitalization.

2. World History: Russian History; History of Sino-Russian Relationship.

Research Projects

1.To accelerate the research on the development strategy of cultural industries in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Social Science Planning Key Research Project.

2.Systematic research on industrial development of cultural resources in Shandong province, Provincial Key Subject of Art and Science in 2008.

3.Study on cognition and education countermeasures of Chinese national spirit in the age of globalization, responsible for the chapter ofcognition and inheritance of Russian national spirit, The National Social Science Fund of China in 2006.

4.Strategies and systems of cultural industries development in Shandong province, Shandong Province Social Science Planning Key Project in 2014.

5.Strategies and systems for the development of local cultural resources, University-Level Project 2013- Key Project of Independent Innovation of Shandong University.

6.Research on improving the cultural competitiveness of Chinese cultural heritage, Shandong University Summit Plan 2017.


Journal Articles

1.Multi-dimensional analysis of cultural industries, Dongyue Tribune, 2010-11.

2.Reflection on the development of performing arts industry and construction of industrial chain in China, Dongyue Tribune, 2013-4.

3.Internet film enterprises: industrial integration and optimization of film industry chain, Dongyue Tribune, 2015-2.

4.The connotation and extension of artwork value from the perspective of demand, Academic Forum, 2017-5.

5.Smart city construction: comparison of Chinese and foreign models and creation logic of cultural industries, Journal of Henan Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2017-6.

6.The threat from the east, Issues of Contemporary World Socialism, 2004-3.

7. Is China Russian No.1 enemy?Issues of Contemporary World Socialism, 2004-3.

8.Russian view of China and Chinese culture, Theory Journal, 2005-4.

9.20 years of reform -- an interview with gorbachev, Issues of Contemporary World Socialism, 2005-4.

10.Social and economic reform in Russia at the present stage of political and political party system changes, Foreign Theoretical Trends, 2008-4.

11.Analysis of structural elements of Russian middle class in transition period, Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2014-2.

12.Middle class in transitional Russia: a review and reflection of relevant studies, Issues of Contemporary World Socialism, 2014-1.


1.Systematic Research on the Development Strategy of Local Cultural Industry, Fujian People’s Publishing House,2013.

2.Introduction to animation industry, Fujian People’s Publishing House,2013.

3.Cultural investment, Fujian People’s Publishing House,2015.

4.Western Constitutional History (Russia, Volume 5),People’s Publishing House, 2013.

5.White Paper on Russian Economic Reform in Transition Period (1991-2003),Shandong University Publishing House, 2011. (Translation Book)

6.Research on the Problem of Russian Middle Class in Transition Period, People’s Daily Press, 2013.

Honors and Awards

1.Research on the Russian middle class in transition period, The Third Prize of Excellent Scientific Research Achievements of Shandong Universities in 2014.

2.Multi-dimensional analysis of cultural industries, The Third Prize of Shandong Province 29th Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Science in 2015.

3.Internet film industry: industrial integration and film industry chain optimization, The Outstanding Achievement Award of Shandong Universities in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2016.

Academic Title

1. Associate researcher, Research Institute of Political Parties of Shandong University.

2. Associate researcher, Research Institute of Contemporary Socialism of Shandong University.

3. Researcher, Copyright Research Center of Shandong University.

4. Vice President, Institute of Cultural Industry of Shandong University.

5. Vice President, Institute of Urban Culture of Shandong University.

6. Editorial Board Member,International Relationsof People’s Friendship University of Russia.

Contact Info.

School of History and Culture

Shandong University

No.27 Shanda South Road, Licheng District, Jinan, P.R.China 250100


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